Tender beef stew with an assortment of vegetables
Sm. $6.95/ Lg. $13.95/ Tray 50.00

Sliced beef marinated in soy and calamansi sauce and served with onions.
Sm. $7.50/ Lg. $14.95/ Tray $58.00

Beef rib tips cooked in a special sauce and served with vegetables
Sm. $6.95/ Lg. $13.95/ Tray $50.00

Kare- Kare
Ox tail and tripe mixed with greens and covered in peanut sauce
Sm. $7.50/ Lg. $13.95/ Tray $56.00

A light soup with beef and a variety of vegetables
Sm. $6.95/ Lg. $12.95/ Tray $45.00

Pepper Steak
Strips of steak with red and green bell peppers simmered in a sweet brown sauce.
Sm. $6.95/ Lg. $13.95/ Tray $50.00

Diced pig heart mixed with a variety of vegetables
Sm. $5.95/ Lg. $11.95/ Tray $42.00

Small diced beef and liver with vegetables in a tomato based sauce. 
Sm. $5.95/ Lg. $11.95/ Tray $42.00

Giniling ng baboy
Ground Pork stir fried with carrots, red/ green pepper, and potatoes.
Sm. $5.95/ Lg. $11.95/ Tray $42.00

Strips of pork, tripe, and liver combined with vegetables in a pork stock sauce.
Sm. $5.95/ Lg. $11.95/ Tray $42.00

Lechon Kawali
Pork braised and then deep fried.
Sm. $5.95/ Lg. $11.95/ Tray $42.00

Paksiw na pata
Pig hooves boiled and placed in a banana blossom sauce
Sm. $5.95/ Lg. $11.95/ Tray $42.00

A sour soup with braised pork ribs and mustard greens
Sm. $5.50/ Lg. $10.50/ Tray $36.00

Egg Rolls
Shanghai Egg rolls made in a Filipino style
15pc $5.25/ 30pc $10.50/ 100pc $35.00

Chicken braised and cooked in vinegar and soy sauce
Sm. $5.95/ Lg. $11.95/ Tray $40.00
(Also inquire about pork and squid adobo)

Chicken in a light stew combined with potatoes and vegetables
Sm. $5.50/ Lg. $11.95/ Tray $40.00

Chop Suey
Chicken and vegetables cooked in a Filipino style light sauce
Sm. $5.95/ Lg. $11.95/ Tray $40.00

Pritong Manok (Fried Chicken)
Seasoned fried chicken.  Ask for price

A chicked soup with a ginger root base
Sm. $5.95/ Lg. $11.95/ Tray $40.00

Pritong Isda
Choice of any fish that is seasoned and fried.
Prices vary.

Sweet and Sour Fish
Choice of any fish fried that is covered in a savory sweet/sour sauce. Ask for price

Mixed Seafood in Gata
A seafood delight which includes crabs, mussels, shrimps, and squid rings.
Sm. $7.95/ Lg. $14.95/ Tray $60.00

Paksiw ng Bangus
Milkfish in a light sour soup
$4.50 a slice

A creamy blend of taro leaves and coconut milk
Sm. $5.95/ Lg. $11.95/ Tray $42.00

Green mung beans and vegetables cooked into a thick stew
Sm. $5.50/ Lg. $10.50/ Tray $36.00

An assortment of stir fried vegetables also served with pork and shrimp
Sm. $5.95/ Lg. $11.95/ Tray $40.00

Pancit Guisado
Rice noodles served with chicken and a variation of vegetables
Sm. $4.50/ Lg. $8.50/ Rectangle $10.50/Tray$28.00

Thick rice noodles and pork flavored with a lemon chicken stock
Tray $36.00

Glass noodles covered in a garlic sauce, topped with green onion, sautéed garlic, chicharon. Tray $36.00

Other Dishes
Buko Pandan
Crispy pata
Itlog Ng Pugo
Kalderetang Kambing
Roast Pig
Barbeque Skewers

If what you crave is not listed please give us a call to see if we can accommodate your request. Prices are subject to change please call to confirm pricings.
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